5 Reasons to Live on a Lake

Is Lake-Living for You?

We tend get wrapped up in daily tasks like work and don’t take the time to appreciate what nature has to offer. If you feel like you are missing out on the beauty of life or maybe just need a little fun and relaxation every once in a while- lake living is for you. There are many reasons why living on a lake is so beneficial here are five:

  1. View the Best Sunsets from your Porch

    There is nothing quite like a sunset on a body of water. That is why there are so many paintings of waterfront sunsets. Every evening, after working like a dog, you can take a load off and just watch the lake settle into the night. What is not desirable about that?

  2. Waves are Calming

    There have been studies proving that the sounds and movements of waves on a lake are soothing and stress relieving. If you find yourself often stressed out by the day’s tasks you belong on the lake side. How great would working from home be if you lived on a lake?

  3.  Near Wildlife and Less Noise Pollution

    With the lake in your backyard you will be closer to nature and probably just far enough away from the noise pollution of cities and highways. If you are one who appreciates nature you will have the perfect escape right in your own backyard.

  4. Own Your Own Beach

    Swimming, fishing, kayaking, boating, tubing, water skiing etc. You won’t need to beat the crowd and show up at 5:00 am just to claim your spot on the lake. The lake is your backyard! Even better, it is your private property. No need to worry about the family next to you, killing your vibe. You can also count on the kids to put down the X-box controllers and be more active.

  5. Perfect for Parties and Family BBQ’s

    Forget having to take time to travel to your family get-togethers. Since you live on a lake everyone will eagerly meet up at your house. There is nothing like a summer evening on the lake roasting steaks and dogs, kicking back with your loved ones and all of the little kiddies off exploring and collecting seashells.

Living on a lake is full of benefits and Seawalls Unlimited is here to help make sure that your property stays that way for decades to come. If you are looking for a way to help protect your lakeside home from the elements or have any questions about a lake in McHenry County, call Seawall’s Unlimited today!


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