Come See the Northern Illinois Boat Show & Sale!

Come Visit Us at 2017’s Biggest Boat Show!

Spring is almost here, and soon boating season will be here as well. Are you ready? Do you have the boat you want to spend this season with? Do you have all the necessary equipment and accessories?

If you have any doubts, or if you just want to have a great time interacting with fellow boaters and seeing what’s new in the industry, come on out to the Northern Illinois Boat Show & Sale. This event takes place March 2nd-5th in Grayslake and is the biggest boat show in northern Illinois. It features numerous manufacturers and vendors from boating-related industries, not least of which is Seawalls Unlimited. We’ll be showcasing our services at a vendor stall, so read what this show is all about and come pay us a visit!

What Can I Expect at the Boat Show?

The Northern Illinois Boat Show & Sale will be 2017’s biggest boat show in the region, and is your place for the year’s best deals on boats and related equipment and services.

More than 50 top boat manufacturers including Formula, Scarab, Bennington, Lund, Yamaha, and many more will be displaying over 200 new and used boats, offering the best sale pricing you’ll see all year. This includes all types of boats, including pontoon boats, ski boats, jet boats, cruisers, bow riders, cuddy cabins, deck boats, and more.

There will also be over 30 different vendors with booths, showcasing all sorts of services, parts, accessories, and trailers. This truly is your one-stop-shop for seeing everything new in the boating world and finding some great deals along the way. Seawalls Unlimited is excited to be a part of it.

The Northern Illinois Boat Show & Sale will take place at the Lake County Fairgrounds, located at 1060 East Peterson Road, Grayslake, IL. The show charges adults an $8 entry fee, whereas veterans and seniors pay only $6 and children under 12 years old enter free. Parking is free, and the hours for the boat show will be as follows:

  • Thursday, March 2nd: 12pm – 8pm
  • Friday, March 3rd: 12pm – 8pm
  • Saturday, March 4th: 10am – 8pm
  • Sunday, March 5th: 10am – 5pm

What You’ll Find at the Seawalls Unlimited Booth

Once you’ve decided to go to the boat show, you should definitely stop by the booth that Seawalls Unlimited will be running! Here, you can learn all Image of our booth at the 2016 Boat Showabout our services.

We install and maintain seawalls that help stop shoreline erosion on waterfront property. These seawalls protect from many different sources of erosion, including excessive boat wakes, waves, flooding, and ice floes in the winter. There are a few varieties of seawall to choose from, as well.

One option is a steel seawall, which handily braces your shoreline against pressures and impacts from the elements. The shoreline is excavated and an underground steel support structure is built, before the area is backfilled with stone. This allows moisture to pass through rather than accumulate in soil and build pressure. Finally, the stone is topped with a plastic sheet and topsoil where your grass can grow back. This is the most popular choice of seawall among our clients.

Another option is outcropping. This is when pieces or slabs of stone are layered together on an excavated shoreline to create a seawall with a more aesthetically pleasing look. There’s a huge variety of types and sizes of stone and patterns for layering, so your outcropping can be designed specifically for what you want from your shoreline.

Last but not least, there’s rip rap. Otherwise known as shot rock, rubble, or rock armor, this method involves using pieces of limestone and other organic material to create a seawall that blends with the natural environment.

If you have waterfront property and are gearing up for boating season, you may want to consider a seawall to keep that shoreline intact. What kind of seawall is right for you depends on your needs and your property, though. Come to the Northern Illinois Boat Show & Sale and stop by the Seawalls Unlimited stall. We’ll show you what we do and talk you through the process. Have some fun, see some amazing boats, and find some great deals—that’s the beauty of the boat show!


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