Flood Prevention with Outcropping

Is your home bordered by a body of water? Do you often find yourself concerned by the levels of water during rain storms and other weather conditions? Shoreline homeowners are often harshly affected by flooding caused by rising water levels. Seasonal fluctuations in ground water storage can result from long- term trends and variations in precipitation. Several years of below-normal or above-normal ground water storage can interfere with home construction and waste disposal. For example, during the big flood of 1984 a home with a basement 8 feet below land would have been underwater due to an increase in water levels in below land surface.

No matter where your home sits if the water levels become higher than ground level there will be nothing left to prevent the water from flooding into your home or building and causing irreparable and/or expensive damage. However, the loss can be minimized in extreme cases by providing the homeowner with extra time to prepare.

A simple way to prevent this issue is by installing outcropping. Outcropping is the laying or stacking of stones in a way that works to prevent the run off and protect the shoreline from excessive wake or stormy weather. Outcropping will also help the shoreline from the consistent wake of boats or waves stirred up from certain weather conditions.

Each property is different, but Seawalls Unlimited is here to help protect your home’s individual needs. With the right approach and timing any property will be a better and safer place no matter what mother-nature throws your way. If you are experiencing flooding in McHenry call Seawalls Unlimited today!

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