Top 3 Reasons You Should Install a Seawall This Winter

Winter Is the Perfect Time to Install a Seawall on Your Property

install a seawall In the last months of the year, you may notice lots of construction sites working around the clock to get as much done as they can before winter sets in. Once snow falls, many types of construction work have to grind to a halt until conditions improve. So, you may be surprised to learn that winter is actually the perfect time to install a new seawall on your shoreline.

Winter seawall work is less invasive for your yard, guarantees the seawall is ready at the start of spring, and ensures your shoreline is protected from erosion due to ice floes and spring melt. Let’s explore these advantages more in detail.

Winter Seawall Work Is Less Invasive for Your Yard

The process for installing a seawall remains the same in winter as the rest of the year. However, doing it in winter can be less invasive for your yard in several key ways:

In winter, the soil tends to be harder and drier compared to spring and summer when it’s muddier. This makes it easier to drive the piling for the support structure into the ground.

Any vehicles that have to be brought in as part of the construction process will also be driving over snow instead of grass, so your landscaping won’t be disturbed as much.

Finally, since it’s winter, you likely won’t be using your yard as much to begin with, so you won’t miss being able to use it while the project is ongoing.

So, winter seawall work is less invasive because the soil is easier to work with, your landscaping won’t be disturbed as much, and you won’t miss out on summer yard usage.

Your Project Will Be Done Quicker and Ready for Spring

Winter seawall work also provides a more convenient timeline for getting your seawall ready for the start of spring.

When spring approaches, there’ll be a lot more people trying to get seawalls installed. That means contractors will be busier and you may have to wait longer to get your project completed. It also means that the agencies in charge of granting any necessary permits may also take longer to get back to you, lengthening the process further.

Instead, if you get your seawall installed in winter, there’ll be less of a wait and you’ll already have the seawall ready at the start of spring. That way, you won’t miss any valuable time at the start of the season waiting for your seawall when you could already be enjoying your shoreline.

You’ll Get Protection Against Ice Floes and Melting Snow

Most importantly though, the sooner you get your seawall installed, the sooner it starts providing the valuable erosion control that you’re seeking.

Winter and early spring pose their own unique threats to your shoreline. Ice floes can grind and scrape against your shoreline in winter, and in spring the melting ice and snow can wash out soil from your shore. Installing a seawall in the winter will protect your shoreline against these sources of erosion before they can do any more damage.

So, if you’ve been considering a seawall for your property, now is the perfect time! A seawall will preserve your shoreline and can even boost the value of your property. Don’t wait—call Seawalls Unlimited today at (815) 331-8830 and get a quote for professional high-quality winter seawall installation!