Is Your Seawall Eroding?

Years ago seawalls were created with material including concrete slabs and rebar and were not designed to last for long periods of time. These shoreline shields usually would break down after 20 or 30 years. Therefore, Seawalls all over the world are in need of repair today. Thankfully, we now have more experience constructing seawalls and are more equipped to build walls that will withstand erosion for a much longer time.

If you have recently inherited one of these old seawalls you may have already noticed some issues but you may not be sure what it means for the safety of your property. Here are some ways to determine if your seawall needs to be repaired.

Rust-colored cracks in the wall or sheeting are rebar eroding due to salt water damage. It is a very serious issue when the rebar is eroded because this eroding will cause it to expand. Therefore, creating more cracks and allowing the water to get through the wall. When storms happen, the seawall is at risk of total failure.

Loss of soil or sinkholes behind the seawall are caused by defects in the wall leading to water seepage either through or from underneath the wall. Not only will this weaken the wall even more but it will also create further erosion issues and could result in property loss. If these sinkholes are left in a public area it will endanger public safety as well.

Sinking or rotating walls are usually caused by the pressure of water which is caught behind the wall. This will cause immediate and extreme damage. It may cause total failure of the wall along with instant and major soil loss due to the weakened soil.

It is imperative that you pay attention to your seawall, especially if it is older, and make repairs when you notice any damage. It doesn’t take long for serious damage and property loss to occur. If you have any concerns about the condition of your seawall do not hesitate to contact Seawalls Unlimited. We provide seawall construction products in the Lake, Mchenry, Kenosha, and Northern Cook County areas. Give us a call today!

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