Why Rip Rap is Right for You

Those who grew up near the water know exactly what rip rap is and chances are you climbed over it a few hundred times in your life. For those who do not know, rip rap is loose stone that is used to form the foundation for a structure or breakwater as well as to strengthen structures near water. Even though we have all probably seen rip rap in our lifetimes, do we know what it really does? Here are some reasons why rip rap may be right for your waterfront structure.

We often think of rip rap as being something that is used in beach houses along shorelines. The reality is this can be used with any structure that deals with erosion from water, whether it is on a shoreline, lake front, or along a river or creek. Rip rap will help to prevent erosion to a structure that is most often caused by water movement, regardless of what that movement is. In addition to being used near water, rip rap is also used in areas where general erosion is a cause for concern.

Rip rap is also most often chosen because it will absorb the motion of the water, specifically waves. Some erosion control methods will deflect the waves away, sending them to other shorelines and potentially causing damage somewhere else. Rip rap allows the wave to complete its motion be absorbing it without having to deflect the energy elsewhere.

Believe it or not, using rip rap actually creates habitats for animals living in the area. During a time of high tide or mean time, the rip rap will be covered with water, making it the perfect place for small sea creatures to escape when seeking shelter. The rock being used to create rip rap will also be determined by the environment and what types of rocks are available in the area.

There are many benefits to choosing rip rap for your waterfront structure. Let Seawalls Unlimited assist you in picking the right rip rap for you and your shoreline!

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