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Rip Rap in McHenry, Illinois

Shoreline erosion is an entirely natural process that is constantly evolving the terrain along lakes, streams and rivers and the bodies of water themselves. It is essentially the gradual or sometimes more rapid removal of sediments along a shore line. Erosion can be caused by a number of factors including water craft wake, to high winds, stormy weather, ice and shifting temperatures, run off, and loss of vegetation and trees. Rip rap, also commonly referred to as rock armor, shot rock or rubble is organic material used to protect stream beds, shore lines, bridge abutments, pilings and other various shore line structures against adverse elements like stormy weather, wake from boating and water or ice erosion. Rip rapping has a soft, pleasant, natural looking appearance, almost as if the rocks hadn’t been placed there by man.

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Is Rip Rap right for my landscape?

The rip rap technique is applicable to many different types of shore lines. Smaller rip rap of the 3” to 6” variety is most often used on small ponds or no wake areas on larger lakes. The larger rip rap sizes from 6” to 12” is ideal for river shore lines as well as inland lake shore lines. These seawalls are installed after our dedicated and efficient team successfully excavates the shoreline to the proper grade. We will then secure a filter fabric to the shore line to prevent erosion of existing soil under the newly laid stone. Once the shore line is adequately secured we will complete the rip rap installation as quickly as possible for you to enjoy your new shore line on and off the water.

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rip rap
rip rap