steel seawalls


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Our steel seawalls require little maintenance!

Easily installed into any substrate, steel’s durability and resilience to the elements makes it the most popular seawall material. As an industry favorite, it requires only occasional maintenance in the form of visual inspections to check for cracks and disfigurement. Plus, its clean, versatile appearance offers an attractive transition from water to land. Along with basic shoreline protection, steel seawalls also prevent excessive flooding and ultimately help you save time and money.

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Not only do we handle the entire installation process from beginning to end, but we always leave your shoreline looking neat and beautiful. In fact, The process begins by excavating the shoreline for the construction of our steel structure. Next, a dead man structure supports the metal pilings, and acts as a heavy weight to keep the steel firmly in place. Then, we fill the area with either soil or stone. After covering the space, we plant grass seeds over the top to make your shoreline look good as new!

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