Discover the Benefits of Seawalls to Protect Your Property

The Benefits of Seawalls Include Controlling Erosion and Limiting Flood Damage

More and more property owners are realizing the benefits of seawalls as sea levels rise due to climate change.

Seawalls help protect both the environment and shoreline property. Also called retaining walls, seawalls serve multiple purposes:

  • Preventing land erosion of shorefront property
  • Preventing or minimizing flooding due to storm surges and changes in lake levels

The term “seawall” describes a wide range of shoreline retaining walls. Seawalls Unlimited installs seawalls throughout the Chicago metro area.


Seawalls Prevent Gradual Loss of Land

Wave action in large bodies of water constantly pushes up against the shore. As a result, the shoreline gradually breaks up. Little by little, more ground is lost to the ocean, lake, or river.

Over time, the land area shrinks, which can be devastating for shoreline property owners.

A well-designed seawall halts this process by stabilizing the waterfront. As a result, there is room to enjoy your property over the long term.


Seawalls Are Useful During Flooding

High tides and other water level fluctuations are second nature to many people who live on the water.

Water levels in storms are another matter, however. Rain can cause water levels to rise far beyond usual levels. Rapid flooding can quickly cause massive property damage. What’s more, fast-rising water is dangerous.

A well-designed seawall offers significant protection from floods. What if flooding cannot be prevented? The seawall will buy you time to prepare and stay safe.

Seawalls Are Compact and Cost-Effective

Seawall construction takes up much less space than other shoreline defenses. Dikes, for instance, use more of your property. The compact nature of a seawall leaves you more land to enjoy.

Another major benefit? Seawalls are cheaper than many other land-protection projects. You can put the money you save toward recreation on the land you’ve protected.


Benefits of Seawalls Are Long-Lasting

Seawalls offer a long-term solution to the challenges of living on the shore. In fact, seawalls in place for over a hundred years are still doing their job.

With proper construction and maintenance, your seawall can last ages.

Let Us Protect Your Valuable Shoreline

At Seawalls Unlimited, we’ll tailor a solution to your specific needs. With 15 years on the job, we know the benefits of seawalls inside and out. Call (815) 331-8830 for your free estimate.

Editor’s note: This blog was originally published on December 11, 2015, and was updated on May 23, 2019.