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Get Beautiful Outcropping to Protect Your Shoreline!

Does your shoreline endure a lot of runoff or excessive wake? We can install outcropping to prevent both of those issues from harming your property.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of a stone retaining wall for your shoreline.

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Invest in Protection and Peace of Mind

Outcropping is an excellent option for the fluctuating water levels in our region. The sturdy stones are an ideal barrier against runoff, pounding waves, and rising floodwaters. Because of this, we recommend this retaining wall to anyone looking for long term stability.

Receive an Ideal Design Tailored to Your Property

Every installation we perform is different because we custom tailor them to the property owner’s specifications. In this way, we always provide outcropping that works great and is aesthetically appealing.

Admire the Rugged Beauty of Outcropping Stones

Not only are outcropping seawalls excellent for protection, but they also look fantastic. Each flat limestone block has an irregular shape. And when pieced together, they give a property a rugged and attractive look.

Enjoy Expert Installation for Lasting Results

Not only are our workers experts, but they are also very efficient. They have the installation process down to a science and will work to make it as convenient for you as possible. Everything from excavation to clean up will be handled with the precision you should expect from McHenry’s seawall leaders.

Have Your New Wall As Soon as Possible

Our team has been installing stone retaining walls for decades and knows the best practices well. They understand the stone thickness and stacking techniques necessary for any water conditions. As a result, you can be sure your outcropping will be built to last.

For expert outcropping installation, give Seawalls Unlimited a call at 815-759-8944